Urban Wave

I love jewelry. From little dainty necklaces that I switch up with different outfits, to my three rings I wear everyday, it’s rare to see me not wearing at least one piece at all times. Jewelry has a way of taking your outfit to the next level or even completely changing your look all together.

I have partnered with the cutest little jewelry shop based in Wilmington, NC called Urban Wave. From now until the end of August, you can get 20% off all products using my code THELOUISVILLEBELLE when you checkout.

Urban Wave also donates 15% of sales to The Great Barrier Reef Foundation. Cute jewelry, a discounted price, and a company that gives back sounds like perfection to me! Click here to shop now!


P.S. For all my sorority girls out there, Urban Wave does custom sorority chokers too!! Click here to order your sorority choker now!

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