BootayBag Collab

You know that instant thrill you get when you go to the mail box and there’s something special waiting for you? No, I don’t mean some junk mail where they spell your name wrong, or a bill, I mean an old fashioned letter or package! Now, imagine that amazing feeling of getting a package in the mail that’s full of festive undies. Fun, right? This can happen every month for only $12 and that includes shipping!! The best part is there are no membership or cancelation fees. Everything is up to you!

BootayBag has completely reinvented the way women shop for underwear. All you have to do is pick the style you want, enter your size, and shipping/billing information!

There are three different style options that you can pick from: mix it up, only thongs, or never thongs. I personally love getting the “mix it up” bags because it is a combination of thongs and cheeky panties. The “only thong” bags, well, only have thongs and the “never thong” bags have different full coverage panties. Although you can’t pick the color or fabric options, it’s exciting getting a surprise undies in your mailbox every month.


Place your order on the 15th of each month or before in order to get that month’s Bootaybag! Click here to order BootayBag:!


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