My Sorority Experience

What are your thoughts about the Greek Life? I know, there are tons of movies, news articles, and press about fraternities and sororities, but what do you think about them? If you are thinking about going through sorority recruitment, if you think you know everything there is to know about sororities or if you hate everything about sororities this blog post is for all of you!


These questions and feelings are not unfamiliar for me. I, too, have been there. I have asked myself a hundred times, “What in the world have I gotten myself into with these late night functions and fundraisers?” If you are a skeptic like I was, let me be the first to tell you that sororities are so much more than glitter and big houses. Sororities are filled with women who will pick you up after a heart break and drive you to get cheeseburgers at 2AM. They are the women that will stand next to you on your wedding day.

A few of my friends in high school talked about sorority recruitment and how excited they were to “rush.” I knew nothing about sororities, sorority recruitment, or Greek life in general, but decided to give it a shot. Just like some of you reading this post, it was truly an overwhelming feeling. The idea of walking from house to house while a bunch of girls sing and chant songs on a hot August days was extremely uncomfortable.

You know what? None of that stuff matters. The songs, the houses, the outfits, the hair, none of it matters. What matters are the connections you make inside those very houses. Never in a million years did I think I would fit “the mold” of a sorority girl. Now, I’m the President of Delta Zeta at the University of Louisville and will be living with 15 other girls in a huge pink house in next August.

Joining Delta Zeta or any sorority is joining something so much bigger than yourself. Yes, there are a lot of requirements such as service hours and GPA minimums that have to be met but all of these “requirements” will only push you to your full potential. Over your college years, you will get “little sisters” and organize events, and raise money for great causes and most importantly, learn so much about yourself.

Sure you might join for the social aspect and to make friends, which is perfectly okay. But, I have learned over the last few years, the reason I stayed in my sorority is for a total different reason. Delta Zeta has given me a sisterhood that I never thought possible. I am forever indebted to this organization that has made me a stronger person, better leader, and has changed my college experience for the better! The best is yet to come, just wait.

Registration is now open if you are interested in signing up for sorority recruitment at the University of Louisville! Click here to sign up now:! 

Photos: R. Marie Photography

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