Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and no matter if you’re madly in love, single as a Pringle, or somewhere in between, it’s a day to express love and kindness. I know some people absolutely hate the idea of Valentine’s Day, but it doesn’t have to be seen as a daunting day. This day can be used for so many good reasons and they don’t have to be romantic! Reach out to an old friend, make a new friend, or simply gift yourself with something! No, I don’t mean send yourself flowers at work and pretend they’re from someone else, but treat yourself to something special that day, because after all, you deserve it!!

Whether you’re spending the evening with the love of your life, best friends, or family, Valentine’s Day is happening so we might as well make the most of it right? I have put together a little gift guide of things to give to all of the people you love in your life, not just your significant other because truly everyone deserves to be celebrated.

MOMS: My mom is my biggest cheerleader and my constant motivator. She is great at gift giving too, which makes it hard for me sometimes to surprise her. Every year on Valentine’s Day she gets me something small that is red or pink and this whole gift giving post came from her creative and fun gifts. Small and simple gifts to show your mom you appreciate her would be: festive Valentine’s Day décor such as the heart pillow, “a thankful heart” sign or heart candles pictured below. Every time your mom looks at the décor, she will be reminded of your love.

DADS: Dad’s are the tricky ones. The most important gift to give your dad on Valentine’s Day is quality time. Let him know you want to take him to lunch soon or write him a heart felt card that lets him know how much you love him. Or maybe you haven’t talked to your dad in a few weeks, or months, or maybe even years, use this day to reach out to him. A simple “ I am thinking about you” call or text can go miles with dads, trust me.

Another great physical gift for dads could be a year subscription to Spotify. Spotify is a service that allows users to stream music, podcasts, and even videos straight to any device. You can view playlists of people you follow and create your own personalized playlists as well. For your dad, or any music lover in your life, Spotify is the gift of the year!

BROTHERS AND SISTERS: Most people don’t think about showing their siblings some extra love on Valentine’s Day, but you can! A quick and easy gift to get your brother or sister is a Yeti cup or Corkcicle bottle. The Yeti cups are manlier and the Corkcicle’s come in a variety of colors. Both brands are great for keeping drinks cold or hot for long periods of time and both come in a variety of styles and sizes. To purchase a Yeti, click here: and to purchase a Corkcicle, click here:!

BEST GIRL FRIEND: A simple gift to give your best girl friend on Valentine’s Day is fun earrings that are red or pink or really any fun jewelry. The ones pictures below are from a local boutique but to purchase similar tassel earrings, chick here: or


BEST GUY FRIEND: Chocolates. Unless he is allergic, or from Mars, chocolate is the way to go! Even a small bag of Dove chocolates with a card can show the guy friend in your life that you care about him without sending any mixed signals.

BOYFRIEND: A creative gift to get your man this year for Valentine’s Day is a nice piece of clothing or accessory he can wear to a special occasion coming up. This can be a small as the festive red tie pictured below or as extravagant as a new watch.

GIRLFRIEND: Flowers, flowers, and flowers. Even if she says she doesn’t want anything at all, buying her a bouquet of her favorite flower will go miles and she will love it! I know red roses are traditional, but think outside the box this year and try to figure out what flower she loves the most! (Major Hint: Check her Pinterest page!)

ON A BUDGET: You’re on a budget and can’t afford Valentine’s gifts for everyone that you want to show love, too? Like I mentioned before, gifts don’t have to be extravagant! It’s about showing love and kindness. If you’ve got someone special, but don’t want to break the bank, check out my friends on Instagram @howwewalmart. They have found some super cute affordable gifts for everyone in your life.

xoxo Allison

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