Birchbox: The Beauty Lifesaver

Makeup. It’s a word that triggered several feelings and emotions for me. To me, the words are overwhelmed, confused and happy. The reason I say “confused”, is because I am the type of girl that spends hours at Sephora, not because I am in awe of all of the products, but because I am so confused by the thousands of options. There are so many different brands and types of makeup it’s overwhelming to know which makeup will last, which will be the best for my sensitive skin, and which one is even worth buying. Making those decisions becomes EXPENSIVE, especially when the product isn’t the best and you’re left having to buy something new with possibly the same outcome. How many of you have felt defeated or confused?

If you’ve ever been confused when purchasing makeup, I want to open your eyes to the “happy” feeling I now feel when I buy makeup! That feeling is Birchbox! Birchbox is a subscription service that delivers beauty samples to your door every month for only ten dollars! Yes, that’s right, $10.00. You make an online profile about your skin type, hair type, and personal style and the Birchbox Team will ship you a variety of sample products to try that match your personal profile. There have been many products and beauty brands I have never thought about trying, until I tried them from my Birchbox. The best news of all is that if you don’t like the sample product they sent you, no worries, you didn’t spend a fortune in the store or waste all of your time making a decision.

Birchbox also includes a description card of the all of the products in your box along with the price if you wanted to purchase a full size version on their website. Birchbox takes all of the stress and worry out of finding beauty products and adds fun and excitement to the process. Each box is a complete surprise of products, which adds even more fun to the process!

The Birchbox idea was born in 2010 and they even have a BirchboxMan for men now, which started a little later in April of 2012.

Below are photos from my December Birchbox. As you can see, I received five products and a festive little mirror, too!

To signup for the Birchbox subscription service click here:

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