White Jeans After Labor Day

“Can you wear white jeans after Labor Day?” is a question my mom bombards me with every year as soon as Labor Day weekend passes and the answer is… YES!

I am not really sure who invented this “rule” and why people still think it’s a “rule”, but it needs to be thrown in the trash forever. A crucial part of finding the perfect pair of white jeans is making sure they are not too tight, too small, or see through for any reason. These jeans can be a staple piece of your wardrobe, so don’t go for the cheap pair with this purchase. White jeans need to be made from a strong material and have a little stretch and bend to them. When wearing white jeans after Labor Day or in the fall / winter months, make sure to wear shoes that are appropriate for the season too! I personally like to wear riding boots, cute little booties, or dark colored wedges when I wear white jeans after Labor Day. It is important to wear winter or fall accessories and jewelry too and a top that appropriately corresponds with the season. If you throw on your favorite summer floral top in the middle of December, of course that is going to look strange. If you wear a simple top or sweater with the right shoes and accessories, you have yourself a cute winter ensemble rockin’ those white jeans!

xo Allison

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