Roommate Tips and My Great Roomies

Photographer: Kelsi Wermuth

When I first started college, I lived with my high school best friend. We lived in a dorm together our freshman year and then in an apartment together our sophomore year. She is 100% my person and a treasure in my life, so living with her was easy and drama free! As junior year approached, she wanted to live in a four-bed room apartment to make her rent cheaper. I decided to stay in our original apartment, which meant I was going to need a new roommate, ASAP. I was so nervous about living with someone other than Jenna, my high school best friend, because sometimes change is hard for me (& everyone if we are being honest). This situation confirmed my belief that God truly works in crazy ways and He knows what and who we need in our lives…far sooner than we ever do. This year, God put Katie, my new roommate into my life and I cannot thank Him enough for that. Katie is one of my sorority sisters that I have gotten to know solely through the opportunity and blessing of living together. She comes from a huge family (one of eight kids) and has lived with all different kinds of people and personalities before. She has been one of my greatest gifts this past year, and living with her has also been a breeze. We do have our differences at times, but that’s just part of life! Ultimately, not everyone is going to have perfect roommates likes I have, so I compiled a list of ten helpful roommate tips everyone should follow in order to be a good roommate.

Photographer: Kelsi Wermuth


  1. Let your roommate know if you are going to have people over. There is nothing worse than coming home from a long day and walking into a bunch of people in your living room.
  2. Let your roommate know if the dishes are clean or dirty. Usually I would just text Katie or Jenna to let them know if the dishes were clean or dirty but you could also put a cute little sign or note out letting them know.
  3. Do the dishes. If you cook or use any dishes, go ahead and load the dishwasher. It is just respectful.
  4. Communication is key! If something is bothering you or you have a problem with something your roommate is doing, tell them! Most of the time if your roommate is doing something that bothers you, they don’t even know it.
  5. Divide the fridge. If you divide the fridge into sections no one is ever confused on whose food is what, and it avoids a lot of problems from before they even arise.
  6. Refill the water filter. I have a Brita in my apartment and nothing is worse than going to fill up your water bottle in the morning and the whole thing is empty. **hint hint Katie!**
  7. Respect your roommate’s stuff. If you want to borrow a dress or jewelry or anything really ASK FIRST before going in and trying things on.
  8. Lock the door when you leave.
  9. Exchange emergency contact information. You never know when you will need it.
  10. Keep an open mind. Not everyone was raised the same, so be open to change.

xo Allison


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